Living An Authentic Life With Curiosity and Creativity in Mind

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I believe creativity is essential to our happiness and well-being. We were born makers and are artists at our core, each one of us uniquely different. And if we starve our artist self we starve our spirit.

Creative activities impact us in a way similar to meditation. It’s like yoga for your brain.

If you’ve read anything on creativity, you know about flow, the state of complete immersion in the task at hand. Flow can be experienced through painting, photography, writing, making music, or dancing, but it’s also present in any activity that completely absorbs us, whether skiing or gardening, knitting, yoga, reading, or hiking.

Flow reminds me of mindfulness, in that it’s all about being in the moment, focused purely on the pleasant activity you’re involved in. There are no distractions, no mind chatter, the outside world disappears – it’s just you and what you are doing right now. It’s concentration in the purest form, tuning out the conscious/thinking mind.

Flow is the opposite of chaos we normally allow our minds to operate in. And the best part? Flow can be cultivated. It’s a habit we can develop in order to live a richer, more fulfilling life.

Living An Authentic Life With Curiosity and Creativity in Mind

Art can heal our soul. When we open ourselves to exploring our creativity, we open ourselves to exploring our soul.

For me, making art is my flow, my go-to creative practice, my devotion even. When I draw or paint, the outside world disappears, my monkey mind quiets down, and I just make the marks, one at a time, again and again.

Whether through visual art, music, writing, or dance, creative expression is healing. Research shows that creative activities reduce stress and anxiety, alleviate depression and physical pain, all while bringing curiosity, joy and play into our lives. We connect, grow, and heal when we create, express, make.

From drawing to dancing, creative expression is incredibly meditative. It can be peaceful and calming, grounding and at the same time elevating. It reduces daily stress we are all bound to carry around, brings me joy and invites spontaneity. It allows us to express that which is inside of us waiting to be unleashed, let out, released. We take it out of our mind, through our hands and into the world.

Spend more time doing things that make you forget about the time. ~Charlotte Eriksson

There are countless ways to infuse creativity into everything you do, whether it’s cooking, gardening, writing, singing, playing an instrument, taking photos, scrapbooking, playing with your child, doodling, dancing, decorating. Whether the result is a tangible product you can hold in your hands or simply a more creative way of life, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the soothing peace, calming focus and healing pleasure you experience in the process. The trick then is to find something you take pleasure in, however small, and practice is as often as you can.

Yes, I know – you’re wondering how in the world are you going to find the time to play. Well, make the time, it’s important – you’re important.  Schedule it if you must. Watch less TV. Wake up 30 minutes earlier. Get off your phone. You may have to be creative about adding creativity to your day (pun intended). But you must give yourself permission–and space–to imagine, dream, and play.

Do The Work That Lights You Up

Your life is your biggest creative project – start creating it the way YOU want it to be!

The best way to live a creative life is to weave it into your daily life. Doodle while waiting in the car line. Practice yoga as the sun awakens the world. Strum a guitar on Sunday afternoons as you watch your kids play. Listen to music while cooking or cleaning. Build a birdhouse with your kid. Take a walk just to wander and daydream. Sign up for that dance class you always wanted to take. Journal for few minutes at the end of the day. Visit a museum. Follow your curiosity. Learn something new.

You don’t have to quit your day job or neglect your relationships. All you need is to carve out a little bit out of your every day to follow your interests and try new things. The trick is to stay open minded and curious, then build, repair, make, create, use your hands, your voice, your imagination, your intuition.

Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own. ~James Cameron

There are treasures hidden inside you that want to be unleashed. Bring them to light. Who knows, you might just discover your passion, uncover some dormant talent, or simply find a hobby that will add small bits of pleasure and meaning to your every day. At the very least, you’ll give your heart and your creative self a voice that only you can give. And that’s healing in the most authentic way.

With love,

You’re worthy of putting yourself first!

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